There’s a whole generation now that has grown up using computers and surfing the Internet.  For them, communicating, browsing and shopping online are really second nature, so it seems natural that more and more are searching for homes on the web, and even listing their homes for sale on the Internet.

Of course the World Wide Web is a powerful tool for both buyers and sellers, and that’s why so many real estate agents market their services and listings online.  Take special care not to eliminate the “middle man” from your next real estate transaction.

Buying a home is not as simple as browsing eBay and clicking “Buy It Now!”  Selling a home can be even more complicated.  Even the most technically savvy computer user can list their home online at a number of “For Sale By Owner” websites, but will run into real “technical difficulty” when it comes time to set a fair asking price, target and screen qualified buyers, and handle the legalities of negotiations and contracts.

A good percentage of listings that start “By Owner” are eventually sold by licensed real estate professionals.  That’s because a professional can sell the home for more money in less time, with profit outdistancing commission.  Yes, the Internet is a powerful tool for buyers and sellers, especially when placed in the knowledgeable hands of a realty pro.

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